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#ImWithTheHuskies for #GoodDeedsCup


Please connect with the new Oscar's Place volunteers to see how you can assist the shelter.

GREAT NORTH GM: Huskies for Oscar's Events

Public Events:

February 14
- Torchlite Parade, Wednesday of Trappers' Festival, we'll be collecting food for Oscar's.  We'll be handing out candy, so bring some non-perishables, and we'll load them up and deliver :)

February 16, 1 pm, in front of Lido Theatre, there will be a street rally during the Trappers' Street Event.  Please bring your whole family, and wear red!

Team Events:

February 10 - Before Saturday practice, Peewee 2 will be visiting around our community, if you'd like them to drop off a poster / decorations, please contact Kelly.

February 19 - We'll be dropping off the donations from the Parade, and serving a meal, please RSVP with Kelly.

HUSKIES Make Final round

Congratulations to The Pas Huskies Peewee Second Team, for being a Top 3 Canadian Finalist for the Good Deeds Cup 2018!  We'd like to congratulate the Quinte Red Devils and the Smiths Falls Bears, and sincerely thank Chevy for putting this contest on.  You can view all the videos, and official information about the contest here

We really want to send a huge thank you to everyone that helped us, the smallest community in the Top 10 to be the Top Viewed video in the Semi-Final round!

Ways that you can help now in the judging round?  Now, it's not just about quantity, it's about quality.  The judges want to know why we should win:  what is the community impact, and are our supporters willing to talk about it?

1.  Chevrolet currently has polls up on Twitter that you can vote on, these are separate posts so you can vote at each one:

Chevrolet Twitter
Chevrolet QC Twitter

2.  From now until February 25, please post a reason why you want the Huskies to win.  It could be something small, something big, something deep, or just to show support.  It could be a personal connection to our association, communities, or the shelter.  Maybe you feel that hockey has humble roots in very small rural communities, just like ours.  Whatever your rationale, keep it clean and classy!  Post one reason, post twenty, it's up to you!

You can post text, photo or video on LinkedIn, twitter, facebook, or instagram.  Why not get some friends together at work and post a video or photo?   This is great from personal or work accounts (obviously with permission).  Please remember, the judges will only see your post, if the post privacy is set to public.  All we ask, is that you always use the two hashtags:  #ImWithTheHuskies (no apostrophe) and #GoodDeedsCup.  This way, the judges can track your support for us.  Even if it's a simple fb Share or twitter retweet, please use the hashtags - it all shows who you support :)

3.  There are currently 3 posts from Chevrolet, where you can post your support directly, again using the #ImWithTheHuskies and #GoodDeedsCup hashtags:

- facebook
- instagram
- twitter

(There is no real rank of importance, but we could use more help in the twitter world)

4.  You can overlay a support slogan over your default facebook photo, using this filter.  Try it out!  Make sure the hashtags are in your photo caption, and that your photo is set to public, so judges can see it.

5.  Support Posters.  You can print off these and use at work, or at home for pictures.  We'll also have Support Stations at various places during the next weeks.  Take picture, make sure it's public, and use the hashtags!

We again, thank you so much for helping us with this, we look forward to see your posts over the next 3 weeks.

print posters now!

Printable Support Posters

Print these off and show them off at work or home! Perfect to put in a selfie or group photos.



Thank you Great North GM for your support!


Thank you Frank and Karen Lang, as well as all the staff in your amazing support for our bid to help out Oscar's Place.  Please feel free to attend a BBQ that is being hosted at Great North GM, Monday the 15th, from 11:30 - 1 pm.  All proceeds to Oscar's.

Thank you also to the public, and to our media partners Opasquia Times and 102.9 for your amazing support.



In November, The Pas Huskies Peewee Second Team (Players from The Pas, Opaskwayak and Moose Lake) set up a teambuilding community event in December, to assist our local homeless shelter. Later in the month, the manager received an email from Chevy about the Good Deeds Cup, so we invited local videographer Andre Brandt for the evening.

Our team and families made arrangements to gather donated food from local families and businesses, and prepare and serve a meal at the shelter, Dec. 10. It was truly a humbling experience, and our youth were able to take part in assisting some of our communities' most needy.

For readers, our communities have underwent a very difficult few years with economic, and social issues, being located remotely at the gateway to Northern Manitoba. We recently received news that our shelter was at risk of closing down.

Dozens of people who utilize this service were at risk of losing their only safe place, while our winter plummets to minus 40-50 with the wind.

Thanks to the efforts of volunteers in our community, Oscar's Place is currently functioning, and meals are being prepared daily by local families.

Should our video be chosen, we would kindly request that Oscar's Place be the beneficiary. 

Top 10 Announcement Reaction

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