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2019 TPMHA Awards Banquet

05/15/2019, 8:15pm CDT
By admin

On May 15, 2019, TPMHA hosted its year end Awards Banquet, and we thank the hundreds of our members and families who attended.  Photos courtesy of Jas Titterton & TPMHA.  Read more...

League Awards
Best Defense: Luke Ferland
Best Forward: Marcus Burns-Cochrane
Most Sportsmanlike: Kason Hester
Most Improved: Peyton Richards
Most Valuable: Connor Bird
Best Goalie: Gracelynn Melnyk 
Team Red
Most Sportsmanlike:  Riley Mischuk
Most Improved: Cooper Rousson
Most Dedicated: Joden Cruz
Team White
Most Sportsmanlike:  Josie Petryk 
Most Improved: Chad Martin
Most Dedicated:  Connor Lemieux
Team Black
Most Sportsmanlike:  Lennix Constant Villeneuve 
Most Improved:  Daniel Richardson
Most Dedicated:  Jakob Melko

League Awards
Best Defense: Kayden Leaske
Best Forward: Breton Donovan
Most Sportsmanlike:  Teagan Kadachuk
Most Improved: Johann Elliott
Most Valuable: Chantyn Michell-Thompson
Best Goalie: Will Gislason
Atom First Team
Most Sportsmanlike: Landen Dorion
Most Improved: Logann Melko
Most Dedicated: Rylan Fourre
Atom Second Team
Most Sportsmanlike: Evander Richards
Most Improved: Landon Murphy
Most Dedicated: Dex Conaty
House League
Most Sportsmanlike:  Colin Perchaluk
Most Improved: Jake Polischuk
Most Dedicated: Kalem Whitehead

Most Sportsmanlike: Nolan Glenn
Most Improved: Wyatt Hall
Most Dedicated: Luke Adam
Most Sportsmanlike: Brody Sayese
Most Improved: Jaidyn Tritthart
Most Dedicated: Marek Madrigga
League Awards
Best Defense: Carson Clemons
Best Forward:  Rachlan Hay
Most Sportsmanlike: Matt O'Toole
Most Improved:  Rieko Cook
Most Valuable:  Mariko Bercier
Best Goalie: Matt Baker
Pee Wee First Team
Most Sportsmanlike: Aidan Mayer
Most Improved: Riel Chartrand
Most Dedicated: Isaac Tomchak

Pee Wee Second Team
Most Sportsmanlike:  Tyson Titterton
Most Improved: Erik Elliott
Most Dedicated:  Jesse Lagimodiere
House League
Most Sportsmanlike: Brody Burrell
Most Improved:  Erik Godwin-Scott
Most Dedicated:  Devin Pfund
Most Sportsmanlike: Jaxen Muswagon
Most Improved: Duck Nabess
Most Dedicated: Austin Gibb
Most Sportsmanlike: Jaydin Muswagon
Most Improved: Jesse James Paranteau
Most Dedicated: Terrell Martin
League Awards
Best Defense:  Connor Colgan
Best Forward: Hutton Hurst-Foster
Most Sportsmanlike: Colby Hnidy
Most Improved: Melodine Thomas
Most Valuable: Abby McKinnon
Best Goalie: Nathan Moore
Bantam Rep
Most Sportsmanlike:  Kaiden Knutson
Most Improved:  Rowan Fenner
Most Dedicated:  Ezekiel Kirkness
House League
Most Sportsmanlike: Mason Young-Nbungo, Julianna Herman
Most Improved: Jacey Melnyk, Rylan Campbell
Most Dedicated: Andrew Fischer, Ravis Constant-Kuba


3M Coach of the Year:  Dion Bird
​​​​​​​Larry Mayer Memorial Volunteer of the Year:  Savannah Sayese

Bryce Olson, Most Deserving Senior Official
Colby Hnidy, Most Improved Junior Official
Jaydon Glenn, Most Promising Junior Official

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