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Why not hockey?

07/08/2019, 6:15pm CDT
By admin

10 Things About Minor Hockey you may be wrong about.

With so many youth sports opportunities available, there are no shortages of choices to keep your little ones busy.  If you're interested in hockey, but not quite sure, there are a number of misconceptions with minor hockey.  Let's clear some of these up.  (Read more...)


1.  My kid can't skate so we can't register.
Wrong.  It's not mandatory for kids to skate when starting hockey.  With parental and coaching assistance, they usually pick it up within a couple weeks.  Really!  As long as they have the maturity to try to get up on their own, they're good.  Generally age 4, and on occasion age 3.

2. It's so expensive.
Not really.  TPMHA often offers free first time hockey, so it's risk free.  Even if you don't qualify for free hockey, much of the fee is refundable.  If you do the math on it, it works out to around $5 per ice time during the entire season.

3.  The Equipment is pricey!
Not at the beginning
If your player is just beginning, they don't need top-end equipment.  You can buy beginner kits often for $50, or take advantage of the pre-owned stock at local stores like Sports Traders.  Often older hockey parents hand down items for little cost, or often free.

4.  Travelling costs are too much.
It doesn't have to be
Travelling is 100% optional in any age level.  Your child can enjoy hockey with our house league if they wish, and not do out-of-town tournaments.  Initiation and Novice aged travel is by sign-up.  For our youngest players, the tournaments are only 1 day, so no hotels are needed.  Plus if you can't make the trip, coaches or other parents are usually quick to let your player hitch a ride.

5.  Hockey is for boys only.
Hockey is for everyone!  Girls have an amazing time with hockey, and you'll see a level of comradery you won't believe between female teammates.  We have separate change rooms for your girl player if that makes her more comfortable.  We also offer female only hockey if your little girl doesn't want to play with the boys.

6.  The schedule is too hectic.
Not really
In the younger levels there are 2-3, 45 min - 1 hour practices a week.  Coaches are pretty understanding if you have other things on the go in the early years and cannot make it to every practice.

7.  Hockey is too dangerous.
Not in younger years
With great coaching, supervision and wearing of all personal protective gear, serious injuries are extremely rare in younger years. 

8.  I've heard that hockey is too serious.
Not so much when they're little
Coaches in the beginning years really focus on fun, and skill-building.  By keeping our coaches in line with a fun environment, we want the best experience for all the players, especially when they're just starting out.

9.  I heard my kid will play less if he/she's less skilled.
We follow the fair code of play, and especially at the younger levels strive for equal ice time for every kid playing.

10.  Hockey Parents are crazy.
We prefer to call it "passionate." 
It does take a special breed of parent to do hockey for many years, but we can guarantee that the youngest years of hockey can be some of best years of your life!  You'll meet life long friends, and have a great experience!

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