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Important Practice Protocols

09/04/2020, 11:15pm CDT
By Admin

On behalf of TPMHA, we would like to extend a huge welcome back to hockey. Over the past number of months, we have experienced many changes due to COVID, so we wanted to let you know what to expect as we Return to Play. (Read more...)

There will be a Communications Officer in place for each level. They will provide you with more information within the first couple of weeks, but will be at the entrance of the rink to greet you. You are only allowed to arrive 15 minutes prior to icetime, and need to exit 15 minutes after practice to allow for sanitization. Drop-off's will not be allowed; late comers will be turned away. Only 1 guardian per player allowed in the rink.

TPMHA will try to accommodate those with special circumstances, Eg. Players that live out of town.  Where needed they will allow more family inside.

Also, special occasions where the communications officer is informed in advance, a player arriving later may still be admitted.



You need to self screen before coming to the rink, and masks are mandatory for parent and player. The self screening link is found on the top right of our website homepage.


We will take attendance at every event as well as check to see who has registered and paid. All players are required to come fully dressed; once inside, you will tie your skates, helmet/gloves on, and on the ice.


With mandatory reduced numbers, we have split the groups up by birth year so there will be no mixing of groups. Lead coaches have been assigned for each group and will coordinate helper coaches.


Until Phase 3 is allowed, there is no travel, no games, no scrimmages; at this point the goal will be hockey Development. Small area games can be utilized. Manuals have been made for coaches and convenors to give guidance and direction during this time.

There are many moving parts to this year, and if you are called upon to help, please take the opportunity to do so. 


A huge thank you to all of the people who have put their names forward so far. Without volunteers, our programing cannot go forward. There are still some positions to fill for coaching as well as on the board. If you are interested, please contact any exec.


Hockey may look different this year, but we are glad to be back on the ice soon.


All questions can be directed first to the Communications Officer; they will be in close contact with the board and coaches throughout the season.

As updates come from Hockey Manitoba, we will let everyone know.

Go Huskies!



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