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Year End Banquet

05/09/2023, 8:45pm CDT
By admin

On May 18, 2023 at the Roy H. Johnson Arena, The Pas Minor Hockey Association celebrated its year end with an awards banquet.

The association & guests had a meal together, and families gathered to recognize some of the season's standouts in House League & Rep.  In addition Referee and Admin awards were given out.

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U18 House League
Team Grey
MIP:  Steven Merasty
Most Dedicated:  Alex Nabess
Most Sportmanlike:  Brody Burrell

Team Orange
MIP:  Dravin Ballantyne
Most Dedicated:  Jaxen Muswagon
Most Sportmanlike:  Dawson Munroe

U18 Rep:
Best Forward:  Brendan Madarash
Best Defense:  Austin Gibb
Best Goalie:  VJ Bercier
Most Sportsmanlike:  Marcel Rae
Most Dedicated:  Maddox Dominey
Most Improved:  Jesse Lagimodiere
Gordon Lathlin Award:  Lucas Nabess
MVP:  Terrell Martin

U15 Rep:
Best Forward:  Griff Zorn
Best Defense:  Logan Melko
Best Goalie:  Kolby Knutson-Crane
Most Improved:  Landen Dorion
Most Sportsmanlike:  Marek Madrigga
Most Dedicated:  Wyatt Hall
MVP:  Wyatt Hall

U15 House League
Most Sportsmanlike:  Zach Ledoux
Most Improved:  Colin Sanderson
Most Dedicated:  Johann Elliott
MVP:  Griff Zorn

U13 House League:
Wheat Kings
Most Improved:  Kason Hester
Most Sportsmanlike:  Ryan Hester
Most Dedicated:  Ryan Fenner

Most Improved:  Luke Ferland
Most Sportsmanlike:  Daniel Monias
Most Dedicated:  Tristan Graff

First Travel Team
Top Forward:  Connor Bird
Top Defence:  Joden Cruz
Top Goalie:  Connor Lemieux
Most Improved:  Gavin Colgan
Most Sportsmanlike:  Aiden Grieves Lathlin
Most Dedicated:  Marcus Cochrane

Second Travel Team
Top Forward:  Drake Ducharme
Top Defence:  Rylan Kellington
Top Goalie:  Carson Kolysnyk
Most Improved:  Mia Leaske
Most Sportsmanlike:  Josh Young
Most Dedicated:  Riley Mischuk

U11 House League:
Team Red
Most Improved:  Raymond Cloud
Most Sportsmanlike:  Lucas Sanderson
Most Dedicated:  Billy Melnyk

Team White
Most Improved:  Jensen Pettit
Most Sportsmanlike:  Trapper Fontaine
Most Dedicated:  Josh Ferland

First Travel Team
Top Forward:  Luke Hrappstead
Top Defence:  Gibson Murphy
Top Goalie:  Kaison Cruz
Most Improved:  Landon Colgan
Most Sportsmanlike:  Rowan Fox
Most Dedicated:  Tyson Lane

Second Travel Team
Top Forward:  Dray Dorion
Top Defence:  TJ Zolinski
Top Goalie:  Burke Lehmann
Most Improved:  Levi Dubois
Most Sportsmanlike:  Carter Ferguson
Most Dedicated:  Bentley Lajambe

Overall MVP:  Tyson Lane



Larry Mayer Volunteer of Year:  Morgyn Murphy
3M Coach of the Year:  Ryan Proulx

Most Dedicated Ref:  Johann Elliott
Most Promising Junior Ref: Jakob Melko
Most Deserving Senior Ref: Alan Thomson

U7/U9 Female League:
Most Dedicated:  Margot Patterson
Most Improved:  Ella Munro
Most Sportsmanlike:  River Hamonic

U13 Female League:
Most Improved:  Alexandra Baker
Most Dedicated: Ava Porter
Most Sportsmanlike:  Ava Hamonic

U13 Female Rep:
Best Forward: Mia Leaske
Best Defense:  Janae Neufeld
Best Goalie: Zoey Phair Boucher
Most Sportsmanlike: Avery Ferguson
Most Improved: Claire Johnson
Most Dedicated: Elynn Smith
MVP:  Mika Conaty

U9 League Awards
Best Forward:  Messi Cook
Best Defense:  Parker Munro
Best Goalie:  Jacob Monias
MVP:  Theo Hohn

Team Yellow
MIP:  Connor Stratychuk
Most Sportsmanlike:  Jace Koop-Blouin
Most Dedicated:  Emri Fenner

Team Blue
MIP:  Ella Le-Sin
Most Sportsmanlike:  Eliza Personius
Most Dedicated:  Micah Novo

Team Black
MIP:  Ayzton Constant
Most Sportsmanlike:  Isabel Lehmann
Most Dedicated:  Linden Wlasichuk

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