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Receipts for Income Tax

03/10/2015, 7:00pm CDT
By admin

A step by step guide to print off receipts for income tax

1.  Log into

2.  On left side of screen is your dashboard.  Click on purchased items

3.  The purchased items screen will load.  Click on the order number you want to print off.  (It should be highlighted in blue)

4.  The order receipt page will load.  Do not click on the print order report button on this page.  Under attachments, click on the entry you'd like to print off.

5.  The registration entry screen will load.  On the top right of screen, you can click on print entry.

6.  For additional registration receipts, repeat steps as listed above.

Please note that if you get audited, these print-outs will need to be signed by President or Treasurer .

Also, please note that for some female only, MMF or band sponsored payments, the receipts may have incorrect amount.  Please refer to page three of the print entry receipt for correct value.

Alternatively, you can log into the Hockey Canada database, scroll down to the bottom right, and you'll see the print receipt option.

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