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Season Cancellation

02/16/2021, 10:30am CST
By admin

As a result of the ongoing public health restrictions, and the news that ice will be coming out of the RHJ, TPMHA will soon begin the process of refunds.

We would like to again extend our thanks to each person who volunteered their time this season, given the many unknowns.

As we part ways with 2020/21, we look forward to the next season and hope to see all of you again.

TPMHA Executive

Executive Statement 1/29/21

01/29/2021, 11:45am CST
By admin

January 29,2021

Executive Statement

Hockey members,

As a result of COVID and so many restrictions placed on the program, our hockey life has been greatly affected. I want to first extend my thanks to all of you for jumping into this season with so many unknowns and knowing the potential for a very different season was high. No one could foresee the results it would have, but for the love of the game we pressed on. At this point, to date, the Town of The Pas has kept the ice in, showing full support not just to our program, but the skating club, and other user groups. I want to extend my thanks to them also.   (Read more...)

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