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2018-19 Registration

For new hockey parents, please read articles listed to the right, including how to know if your child is ready, preparations, including the fair play code, responsibilities of parents and players, and the social media policy that we are all expected to adhere to.

In order to register for the hockey season, there are 3 mandatory steps, if your player has registered in previous seasons skip to step 2:

1. Respect in Sports Parents Course (This is for those registering new hockey players only, and does not need to be taken more than once if you have other players in your family)

2. Registration with TPMHA (payment can be on or offline)

3. Hockey Canada registration (rostering)

If you require any help at all with these, please do not hesitate to contact us.  If you're having technical issues, please feel free to contact webmaster (full contact info to right).

1. Mandatory Respect in Sport Course for Parents

RIS Parents Course Link - must be done for a new player to be allowed on the ice.  This course only has to be done one time per household.  If you have taken this course previously, please proceed to step 2.

2. TPMHA Player Registration

Please remember to register players oldest to youngest.  Coaches and rostered team staff please skip to Step 3.

3. Player, Coach, Manager Registration: Hockey Canada Roster

Hockey Canada Account Link - if your player is new to hockey, you will have to create a new HC account.  If you already have a HC account, you can use your previous login.  Both of these options are available at the Hockey Canada link.

This link is for anyone wishing to play hockey, or who will be listed on a roster:  (Eg. Coaches, Managers, Trainers, etc)

Note:  NO PAYMENTS are taken via HC website, when you "Check Out" select the "Other" option as "payment" - which means you are paying via TPMHA website / in-person.

Fee Structure

Refundable:  Volunteer Refund $150, Raffle Tickets $60, Jersey $30 = $240
Non-Refundable:  NorMan / Hockey MB / Hockey Canada / Insurance $66
Non-Refundable TPMHA Fees:

  • Initiation:  $194
  • Novice  / Atom / Peewee / Bantam / Midget:  $244
  • Female Only: $4 (volunteer refund $75, no jersey)
  • First Time (any level):  0

Totals (rounded down where applicable):
Initiation 194 + 66 +  240 = 500
Novice & Up:  244 + 66 + 240 = 550
Female Only 4 + 66 + 135 = 200
First Time 0 + 66 + 240 = 300

Multiple Players - 3rd Registered Player (Youngest), No Raffle Tickets or Volunteer Fee

Optional:  VIP Passes for OCN Blizzard Junior Games:  $50 for Atom & down, $100 for Peewee & up.  DEADLINE:  Sept 15.